About Me

My name is swirl. No, that's not my real name, it's just my alias. Sometimes I go by "swurl" too, like on Matrix and XMPP. I'm just a dude in high school dedicated to free software, health, and especially Linux.

I self-host instances of several things: Matrix, SearX, PeerTube, Nitter, Invidious, Libreddit, and much, much more (see the front page). Feel free to use these, but don't do anything illegal on them or abuse them. I don't want to deal with the FBI and I don't want my server to die.

What I Do

My main hobbies include:

Stuff I've Made

About this Site

I do own this domain. Registered through Epik, which Wikipedia describes as being a host for "neo-Nazi" content. Just because it subscribes to free speech. If supporting free speech makes me a Nazi then I must be Hitler.

I have a mail server set up here. No, you can't use it, unless I know you personally.

With this site, I intend for it to be the most minimal it can possibly be. Absolutely no JS or CSS will ever be used, and images will be used sparingly, if at all. No, I'm not going to make my site dark mode just because you can't handle anything brighter than #000000, your eyes are weak (also, just use Dark Reader, Chromium dark mode, or just custom CSS). No, I'm not going to limit the line width or increase the font size because it's hard to read on your 14-inch 8k monitor. This website is pure, minimal HTML.


I have a server at home which takes the vast majority of the heavy load (hosting absolutely every single service I host!). It's literally a 2011 Dell laptop running in my office. You don't need a powerful PC to host a server.

Most services are proxied to a VPS. All the plaintext/plain HTML stuff, like this site, and the mail server, are exclusively on the VPS.


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