I live by KISS - Keep it super simple. I don't want software that makes me go through 80 different menus to do a simple task, I just want that task to be done with one click or one flag or one command.


I like control. A lot. I want to have all the control I need over my application. I want to be able to configure as much as possible. I want to be able to control everything it does to a certain extent. It's a major reason why I dislike Windows--I can only configure, like, 5% of it. The other 95% is hidden away and I have to go through 78 menus just to change those.


Pretty self-explanatory. I don't like bloat. I just want a specific program for a specific task, nothing else, really. I don't mind a program being able to do multiple things, that's great--but if I only need, say, one thing that it can do, I'll try and find a lighter alternative.

Command-line vs. GUI

I will generally prefer command-line apps. They use up so much less resources, remove the need for another window clogging up my workspaces, and are generally far easier to use than clicking a bunch of buttons. I still do use GUI apps alot though, especially if they're necessary, like video/image editors/viewers, browsers (modern websites just don't work with Lynx), etc.

Privacy, security, and open-source

If I can help it, I will NEVER use closed-source software. Sometimes, I'm forced to--like with Discord (though there are OSS clients), Steam, most games, etc. But everything else is fully or partially open-source. Probably self-explanatory there.

On privacy and security. I know that in the modern world, true privacy and security are impossible. Governments and companies break their own laws just to catch us doing stuff they don't like, such as pirating, saying mean words, or wrongthink. Social media is a good example. But I still strive to have as much as is possible. I always go with secure, private options, and anything that doesn't emphasize privacy (unless it doesn't... well, need privacy) I'll try to avoid.