Shit Software

99.9% of all software that has ever been written is utter shit. No matter where you go, all you'll find is terribly written, bloated, slow, and in general, bad software. And that's just individual software, not code. If you're talking code, just about every line of code that has ever been written is shit, too.

Hell, it's not even just software;

I'll finish writing this later, for now have a table of software:

Shit Less Shit, but Still Avoid BASED
Java, Ruby, Perl, x86 ASM, Bash, Go, JS... C++, C, Python MIPS64 Assembly
bash, dash, ash fish zsh
GNU Coreutils BSD's utils Might as well just make your own...
GTK Qt, curses Avoiding interfaces at all
uClibc musl glibc
Matrix IRC XMPP, any basic plaintext protocols
ed, nano, emacs... vim neovim
GNU screen tmux TTYs
All terminal emulators kitty xterm, TTY, setting /bin/[z]sh as your init
tcc, clang none GCC
JSON, CSV, TSV, YAML none filesystem hierarchies, plaintext
Absolutely any and all "database" systems none filesystem hierarchies
PulseAudio OSS, PipeWire ALSA
Apache, lighttpd nginx Mongoose
MIT, CC0, most other licenses BSD {A,L,}GPL
Javascript, JQuery, PHP... CGI Mongoose, or best yet, plain HTML
CSS Don't style your shit Don't.
gzip, zlib, xz, lz... none zst
docx, pdf, odf LaTeX, [gt]roff plaintext
Pretty much all browsers lynx, librewolf qutebrowser
Any and all file managers none ls, cp, rm...
Most graphical image viewers viu fbi, imv
KeePass{X,} KeePassXC, pass Paper, don't store your damn passwords on your computer
Most PDF viewers qpdfview fbpdf
X, most X window managers, some Wayland compositors i3, Wayland sway
dmenu, ffcast, all other X tools none rofi-wayland, grim/slurp, wf-recorder, waybar, swaymsg

And here's stuff you should absolutely never use or do that don't need an alternative:

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